About Us

Our Company

Combining a patient-first approach with technological innovation drives everything we do at Occam Health.

Strong Leaders

For decades our leaders have built and delivered patient centric solutions in the pharmaceutical and biologic services market. Their experience includes management of field based clinical services, specialty distribution and hub services, strategic contracting, PBM services, legal and regulatory counseling, as well as product launch and promotional services. This experience was forged while holding senior and executive positions within industry leading companies like United BioSource, TheraCom Inc., CVS Caremark, and AdvancePCS. Please see our In The News section for more.

Giving Back

The way we see it, caring for patients must also include caring for the communities we all live and work in together. That is why we volunteer our time and give back at least 5% of our profits to community causes and events every year.

Our Name and Approach

Our name is derived from Occam's razor – a philosophical principle that emphasizes solving problems with logical and elegant solutions. This philosophy shapes everything we do. And it drives us to avoid the risk of complexity in the development and delivery of our products and services.

At Occam Health, we embrace thoughtful design principles for the delivery of patient-first and technology-forward solutions to our biopharma clients. And the needs of our biopharma clients always take priority – our approach is high-touch, agile, and always without conflicts.

Compliance Matters

Our clients know that biologic and specialty pharmaceutical services are provided at the crossroads of the most challenging legal and regulatory environment the industry has ever faced. That is why Occam Health's platform of services meets high standards of compliance at every phase – from program structure and contracting, to execution and reporting. By design, Occam Health is a safe and effective partner for meeting the patient and provider needs of our clients' marketed products.