Cloud Script™

Industry Defining Hub Platform

We deliver best in class care coordination and access services for specialty products using Cloud Script™ – a modern hub platform that is built for speed and agility to provide patient and providers optimal support across a broad spectrum of biologic and specialty pharmaceutical services.

By integrating Cloud Script™ with best in class cloud-based communication tools Occam Health efficiently supports the full range of traditional and newer product distribution, network, and hub model designs for market access.

Empowering bio-pharma field teams with real time actionable information to drive specialty product adoption, observe physician level trends, and simplify communications with office staff are all additional benefits of deploying Cloud Script™ powered solutions.

Some of the reasons why bio-pharma clients and their independent consultants prefer Cloud Script™ to older hub and specialty industry options:

  • Secure web based and mobile platform
  • Customized for each specialty product flow
  • Efficiently performs hub in-take, processing, and triage
  • Integrated case management and specialty pharmacy data
  • Powered with smart form and pattern recognition technology
  • Incorporates tools for medical benefit coverage
  • Permission-based program access, activity, and audit tracking

Cloud Script(tm)

Unleash the Power of Mobile

It is a universal truth that we live in a mobile device driven world. So specialty programs must meet this reality head on, and do so in an easy, unified, and responsive way. Cloud Script is built to meet those demands with its thoughtful mobile design options.

Patients, physicians, office staff, and field teams all benefit when a specialty support program is built with secure mobile delivery and real time connectivity for:

  • product education
  • patient and office consents
  • product and program eligibility
  • coverage support
  • financial assistance
  • delivery information
  • messaging
  • and more...

e-Prescribing. Solved.

The exponential growth in the adoption of e-prescribing across the country has left many unprepared to meet the changing prescribing habits of physicians and their office work flows – especially among specialty physicians.

Cloud Script(tm) Map

Occam Health is setting the industry benchmark in delivering ready-to-deploy solutions for e-prescribers in the specialty market. This is a key component in meeting the important goal of leaving no scripts behind when it comes to growing market share for specialty products.


Cloud Script offers clients a Surescripts® certified e-prescribing solution for their target physicians and delivers clean and immediately fillable e-scripts to over 65,000 Surescripts® network pharmacies, including most specialty pharmacies.

More Agile by Design

Agility is the key to delivering client solutions that can move at the speed of an evolving product campaign – campaigns that often use different network and access structures as a product's life-cycle matures, coverage changes, and new tactics are deployed to address a more competitive landscape.

Cloud Script™'s powerful architecture stands ready to support a myriad of program design choices, strategies and tactics, as well as robust data and connectivity requirements for specialty product support.