Modern Hub

Focus on Patients

We believe in biologic and specialty pharmaceutical services built around a patient first and technology forward approach. Our Full Service Hub is the vital center from which we deliver services to patients and the physician offices that treat them.

For our clients looking to make sure that hub in-take, processing, and triage are accomplished using a technology forward and cost efficient system, we offer Cloud Script™. It's a secure web based and mobile platform powered by smart form and pattern recognition technology that solves many of the toughest problems that delay speed to therapy for patients.

Occam Health's complete toolbox of Modern Hub Services includes Care Coordination, Reimbursement Support, Data Integration & Analytics, Product Fulfillment (3PL), and more.

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Complete Modern Hub Services Tool Box

Whether you are looking to thoughtfully transition a current hub program, or support the launch of a new specialty product, our complete set of services provides you a high-touch, conflict free, and agile modern hub solution.

Reimbursement Services
Product Fulfillment (3PL)
PAP & Foundation
Clinical Services
Data & Technology

Integrate Beyond Co-Pay with Dynamic Cost Share™

We believe that patient first solutions are ones that leave no patient behind. That is why we built Dynamic Cost Share™ – a platform that provides efficient and legally compliant access to financial support for both commercial and government insured patients. Dynamically integrating product offerings for free trials, co-pay, PAP, and other access programs is an emerging industry best practice. One result is better ROI by avoiding the loss of valuable specialty sales revenue on a patient-by-patient basis.


Fast Fulfillment Options

We provide clients with nationwide fast product fulfillment options for PAP, free trials, sampling, and other quick start programs; while at the same time maintaining our independent and no-conflicts approach by leaving the long term commercial dispensing to network specialty pharmacies selected by our clients.

Design with Best in Class Care Coordination Options

Occam Health is proud to be setting a new benchmark for what best in class care coordination looks like with our Modern Hub Services. Our patient first and technology forward innovations allow biopharma clients to access a range of new design options to support their specialty products and gain a competitive edge for speed to therapy and increased market share.

Instant Eligibility
(Medical & Pharmacy)
Dynamic Prior
Connect Mobile
Handle e-scripts
Value Added Self Service
Dynamic Cost Share™
Real Time Actionable Information
Electronic Privacy Consents
Optimal Script Triage
Advanced Fax Intake