We seek to understand the patient perspective every day. From our first patient interactions to the support our team of nurses and reimbursement specialists provide, we empathize with patients and design our workflow to be clear, direct, and patient-centric. Our Case Managers ensure timely, compassionate attention throughout a patient’s care journey.

”Wanted everyone to know how much easier this program is than the xxxxx Program. Thank you for everything you do!”*

Patients tell us how other programs have overwhelming, confusing, and burdensome onboarding processes and information requirements. To prevent this in our programs, we’ve designed workflow that enables a just-in-time method to obtain and manage critical information. Logical information capture streamlines interactions as patients progress through the treatment lifecycle. We reduce patient confusion and time to therapy when we align data collection to the appropriate activity.

”We were extremely worried about getting started because our son was so anxious. Our nurse trainer was so patient and caring – the whole process felt natural.”*

We are just as committed to hiring the best team members as we are to streamlining processes. Our purpose-built hiring approach seeks nurses knowledgeable in specific treatments. We have comprehensive patient quality and standards built into our targeted recruiting process and hire our nurses directly. And we accomplish this while maintaining a compliant and conflict-free environment for patients, professionals, and our clients.

“We all know how good Occam is – To handle questions, show the device – nobody more qualified and credible…”**

Caregivers and patients manage a myriad of issues related to obtaining therapy. Our Case Managers are their trusted, single point of contact to simplify treatment. Caregivers and patients no longer need to juggle multiple contacts, forms, and information requirements across the broad spectrum of healthcare professionals, pharmacies, manufactures, and insurance. We go the extra mile to ensure patients receive the medications that they need.

*Actual quote from the caregiver of a patient in one of Occam’s programs

**Actual quote from an Occam client